Sky Broadband X-Men Campaign

We composed the music for Sky Broadband's new X-Men Campaign. Launching April 2016

Sky - Animal Instincts 2

Another composition, we brought a sense of the prehistoric wilderness to this junglistic spot, ! Launched in March 2016

Sky - What If?

The 2013 Brand Commercial for Sky Bet. Tom and Andrew composed this soundtrack in three parts: the first a requiem, an homage to Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, the second a dramatic percussion and guitar build and finally a gigantic choral anthem! 

Sky Vegas - Live Dealers Dubstep

We wrote this delightful 'bond-style' dub step theme featuring vocals by Liz Cass. Visuals created by the brilliant team at FOTW

Sky Bet - Excitement Of Uncertainty

The 2012 Brand Campaign soundtrack was composed by Tom CC.

Sky - Vegas Mobile

Tom and Andrew composed this track for the new Mobile app for Sky vegas. 

Sky Vegas - Dice

We composed this beat driven track exclusively for FOTW's Sky Vegas spot. Composition and Production by Tom and Bastian

Introducing the Tracker App

We wrote the music for this successful app launch!

Sky Poker - Glass Cards

Sound Design and Music composition from Elsham Music for the new Tonight On.. title sequence

Sky Poker - Animal Instincts

Sound design and Music combined for the new Sky game show